San Francisco’s vacant building ordinace

by sfishome on April 6, 2010

You’ve got to love the 5 part criteria to determine whether or not a building is considered vacant and therefore subject to a number of new regulations and a $765 annual fee

The first 4 criteria are fairly reasonable like it being “secured by boarding”.  The problem with the 5 criteria is you only need to have one of the 5 conditions and the 5th is “has been unoccupied for over 30 days”

It also says that a partially occupied building “cited for blight” can be deemed “vacant” and subject to the new ordinance.

To take this to an extreme, I see nothing in the code about what constitutes a “building” so could your unoccupied Single Family home get a notice from a belligerent neighbor while you’re out of town climbing Everest or sailing the seven seas?  Sure they can submit for an exemption, but what a hassle.

What about Condos in a building?

And after Sunday’s protest in which the homeless forcibly occupied an empty duplex in the Mission wouldn’t you think the tenants union and homeless advocates would be canvasing the City reporting what appear to be unoccupied buildings?

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