$8000 help buying your first home – or is it?

by sfishome on February 13, 2009

Word has it that the revised tax credit that will make it into the Stimulus package is $8,000 for first time home buyers. Unfortunately, for individuals making over $75,000 and couples making over $150,000, you can’t qualify. In San Francisco that may eliminate the majority of would-be home owners from benefiting from the Stimulus package.

However, if you are earning less than $75k/$150k, and haven’t bought a home in the past 3 years, the good news is that the $8,000 credit does NOT have to be paid back like last year’s $7500 credit.

Of course $8,000 is still peanuts in San Francisco… but it’s still $8,000 in your pocket, or available for other needs, like paying for Closing costs, your move, etc.

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