111 Chestnut St – 4 sales of 1 unit

by sfishome on January 26, 2010

111 Chestnut St #806, San Francisco re-sold 4 times since 1998. Just one “apple” as likes to call them, to guage the ups and downs of the San Francisco real estate market.

November 1998 #806 sold for $315,000
October 2003 sold for $403,750
July 2006 it sold for $630,000
December 2009 it sold for $500,000

So down 20.6% since 2006, but still up 24% since 2003 and nearly a 60% return since 1998. Judging from the 2009 photo of the kitchen, I’d guess that little, if anything, has been spent on upgrades since the 90’s so this should be a true San Francisco “apple” to “apple” comparison.

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