Remodeling ideas & estimates made easy: Zillow Digs

by Rob Regan on February 7, 2013

Looking for design ideas for your remodel?  Curious what the remodel might cost before calling contractors and visiting stores?  Zillow Digs is a new iPad app with a companion website that helps you do just that.  Visit the site and you’ll find photos of gorgeous kitchens, bathrooms and more.  Click on the photo you like and it provides Material and Labor estimates that are adjusted to your market.  For example, I clicked on this bathroom photo which turns out to be in a house for-sale in Idaho, but the price estimates were adjusted to San Francisco.

Obviously the Zillow estimates will probably be no better than their “zestimates” or home-value opinions which I’ve seen be off by 40% in some instances, and one contractor’s price can vary significantly from another.  But they also provide a price range.  In the bathroom photo the estimate is $39,400 total, but the range is from $27,000 to $57,800 (hey, it’s a nice bathroom, check it out).

It would be interesting to hear a contractor’s take on the site, but for now this is just another nice addition to the tools at the finger tips of consumers that should help in yet another decision making process.

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