Sorry, my listing is too far for me to show it to you

by Rob Regan on February 15, 2013

Yowza, on the heels of my article about agents being too busy to be 100% there for each of their clients, I get this excuse:

I can’t show you the property until next Wednesday because it is too far away from where we are located.

I’m not joking.  This is an REO (Real Estate Owned by a lender)  condo, and as is often the case lenders hire whoever they do the most business with, and because San Francisco has far fewer REO’s then areas out of town, often times the agent they hire isn’t a San Francisco Realtor.  Just banks being banks as far as I’m concerned, not even looking out for their own best interest.  But plenty of normal sellers will do this too, hiring their uncle or friend from a town as much as an hour outside of San Francisco causing all kinds of problems from mispricing, to fewer showings, to not understanding local ordinances and requirements, etc.

Granted, the market is so hot right now this place will sell.   Then again its been on the market for over 2 months when most places are selling in 10 days with multiple offers.  Still, think people think.  Don’t do this to yourself.  Your cousin the Realtor from another county can hire a San Francisco expert on your behalf and participate.  Just ask him or her what I mean and they’ll take it from there.

PS – I googled the office of the agent who is “too far away” and their office is 21 miles away, or 30 minutes (40 minutes in traffic right not according to Google maps).  Not exactly a stones throw, but if it were my listing I’d get in the damn car.


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