Is your agent too busy for you?

by Rob Regan on February 12, 2013

This article has sound advice on how to choose a Real Estate Agent.  Experience, location knowledge, honesty, intent (will they help you make a smart decision even if it means a longer process or lower commission) and an often overlooked one… time.  Do they have the time to fully represent you?

Lots of people like to seek out the most productive agent.  You see their name everywhere and rightly figure they must have the first four criteria in spades otherwise so many people would not have hired them.  But if you are just one of many, many clients you’re probably going to end up working with their staff, or if they do it largely solo then you’re likely not going to get their full attention.

Two admittedly extreme and unusual examples of this are once when I returned a phone call to an agent on a property shortly after he had called me.  Despite that fact, he had no idea who I was when I got him on the phone, and what property I was calling about, until I prompted him with several bits of information.  I’d say that’s just a wee bit too busy.  In another instance a buyer client of mine showed up towards the end of the allotted time for a Broker’s open house (also open to the public), and the agent who had another open house to get to  treated my client so rudely that they got into a fight.  Needless to say my client lost all interest in the property, so the agent did her own client no good as well.

The above two stories are very, very, rare, but like when you see the tip of an iceberg you need to know that there is a lot more that you don’t see when agents are simply too busy to give you the full benefit of their knowledge, experience, honesty and intent.  So the best advice in the article….. interview at least 3 agents until you find the one you’re most comfortable with.

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