Home prices up, inventory down

by Rob Regan on January 31, 2013

It seems like every 4th article you read is about home prices going up.   Among those, you’ll find these the most enlightening and interesting:

Inventory and the Low/No Equity Homeowner” – he’s got a good list of positives and negatives – and one of San Francisco’s strengths is that some of those negatives don’t exist here.

Pre-covery” in real estate: would be sellers not selling because they can’t get a loan for their next move.  This limits inventory which leads to higher prices – which, one would assume, will eventually lead to the post-pre-covery otherwise known as the Recovery

Robert Shiller’s “don’t count” on a housing recovery, in which he also doesn’t rule it out.

Meanwhile, San Francisco’s inventory is at record lows, and it seems most purchases are all cash or high cash offers.  If you need a loan, it is tough sledding until we get more inventory.

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