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REVIEWS OF ROB REGAN             (click here of Ciara Piron’s reviews) 


Truly, a big thanks to you for working with us relentlessly! We have come across many Real Estate Agents and definitely knew that we chose the right one working with you; down to earth, straight to the point, no nonesense talk, knowledgeable and extremely reliable. We always had a good sense that you had our best interest at heart and we appreciate that you definitely put the work in. Another thing that stood out was was how responsive you guys are, always kept us updated and in the know, even with your little newborn, you were indeed very dedicated!

Also, I really was very touched by your gift, it was a lovely surprise and a very kind gesture, we’ll definitely look forwards to going there and enjoy it. For sure, we will come back to you whenever we decide to sell our current or future place and will further recommend you to people that we know. Take care and enjoy your little family…until next time! 

Rachel & Ajmere (Bernal Heights Condo purchase) 

Dear Rob:
On behalf of my wife Bridget and me, I would like to sincerely thank you for all your work in helping us sell our home on Jackson Street and purchase our dream home down the road. Thanks to you, we were not only able to close at our asking price for the Jackson Street house within just over a month after listing the property, but we were able to timely close on our dream purchase at well below asking and the appraised value. We particularly appreciate the fact that you always made yourself available to address our questions and concerns, whether early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekends. I cannot imagine the entire process having worked more smoothly.
In closing, we want to say that we can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us.
John C. Brown (sale of Pac Heights Condo & purchase of Lower Pac Heights home)


as posted by “Matt E.” on on 9/3/2008 

I randomly found Rob through another contact I had while we were just starting our search for a property in San Francisco. I’m glad I did. Our search was very broad as I was financially qualified at one level for a TIC and another for a condo. Seems we were competing with everyone in San Francisco to find a place in a market that was hard to predict. This meant that we were asking Rob questions about each scenario at any time and he was always ready with good, solid information. And if he didn’t know, he would tell us and get right back to us with an answer. He represented our interest at every turn and went to bat for us in a professional and determined manner even when we were willing to let some items go in the seller’s favor. We saw exactly what we wanted early on but lost out to an all cash offer. Rob prompted us to put a back up offer on another unit in the building that was far better, and actually cheaper. Sure enough, after considering every neighborhood, and every scenario (TIC Fractional, TIC 2-unit Group Loan, Condo, Fixer-upper SFH, Foreclosure), our back-up offer got us in to the place we always wanted. Thanks Rob for all of your hard work, grace under pressure and solid advice. Buying property in San Francisco in not for the faint of heart. It really helps to have someone like Rob on your side. 

Matt Eade (TIC purchase in the Mission) 


as posted by “Josh B.” on on 9/3/2008 

Rob helped my wife and I negotiate an amazing deal on our condo… in fact, he helped us through a crazy round of negotiations on another property first… I think it was 6 counters back and forth before we decided to walk. Rob’s professionalism during this emotional time lifted us up and then we got the very next property we set our sites on for almost $100,000 less then the original asking price. 

What we liked so much about Rob was his incredibly thorough research into the true value of each property… that’s why we were able to stand so firm on our price and terms and finally convince the second seller we were right.  Realtors get a bad rap for pushing people into homes, or not being communicative, or just plain old lazy…. Rob is the exact opposite… everything you could hope for in a representative… a great negotiator, a trusted advisor… and a friend. 

Josh Baumrind (Condo purchase in Cow Hollow) 



as posted by Yongjia on LinkedIN 

Ciara is the best real estate agent I have worked with, not only because she is diligent, personable and patient but also because of her high integrity. She is honest and trust worthy. During the whole house hunting process, she worked for the best interest of us. With her help in search and negotiation, we happily purchased our first dream home in San Francisco. I highly recommend Ciara.”

Yongjia & Keith (Noe Valley home purchase) February 22, 2010 

as posted by K. Personett on 

“Ciara Piron is an excellent example of exactly what you want your real estate agent to be. She has the industry prerequisites of market knowledge, personality, and contract skills – but what sets her apart is her thorough and efficient attention to every detail (from market to closing) and her ability to command an offer and make sure it is heavily considered, if not accepted. She is creative and quick with solutions, is very honest and knowledgeable in both advice and guidance, but above all, executes the triple threat of anyone you would want representing you in business: Ciara does what she says she is going to do, she does it on time, and she does it well and with the utmost integrity and success. I cannot recommend her more highly.” February 22, 2010 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity 

K. Personett (hired Ciara as a Real Estate Agent in 2009, and hired Ciara more than once) 

as posted by Michael Foster on LinkedIn 

“Ciara is a very personable, energetic and professional real estate agent. She was very concerned with finding properties that meet my requirements and would follow up with me to see if she was meeting and exceeding my expectations. What I loved most about working with Ciara was that she listened to me, took time to research options, and provided a constructive perspective that engaged me in all aspects of the process.” March 23, 2010 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 

Michael Foster
hired Ciara as a Real Estate Agent in 2008